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diabetes protocol review

Diabetes Protocol Review written by: Rosetta J. Gladden: Diabetes now affects a huge number of people, and the problem is still growing each year. In this Diabetes Protocol program review I will explain how one health researcher, Dr. Kenneth Pullman, has contradicted all previous knowledge about diabetes and found an amazing protocol that actually reverses the disease.

In view of the fact that there are almost thirty million Americans with diabetes, it is my intention in this Diabetes Protocol program review to look at how Dr. Pullman can make such an amazing claim. He promises us that it is possible to overturn both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes by using the Diabetes Protocol Program.

Treatment for diabetes usually involves a lifetime of expensive medications that don’t even deal with the cause of becoming diabetic. The Diabetes Protocol is an entirely natural method of reversing diabetes. It has absolutely no side effects and is much less costly than any traditional diabetes treatment.

It is the view of Dr. Pullman that the usual practice of increasing insulin artificially in the body is not the best way of treating diabetes. He believes that this is not necessary and that an entirely different approach is needed, one that will treat diabetes without insulin shots, medications or any type of surgical procedure.

By following Diabetes Protocol program, Dr. Pullman is certain that you can become completely free of diabetes in just a few weeks, if you re pre-diabetic or you have Type 1 diabetes or Type 2.

What Dr. Pullman has discovered is that insulin does not have anything to do with 80 percent of the glucose that is naturally produced by the body. He has found that certain proteins and enzymes within the liver and the kidneys cause these organs produce glucose and release it into the bloodstream. He also found other enzymes and proteins which have the opposite effect and that it is possible to reverse diabetes.

In his research Dr. Pullman was able to identify which nutrients, in the right combination, naturally restrict the amount of sugar that is produced by organs of the body.

So far his Diabetes Protocol program has been used by more than 40,000 diabetics to reverse their medical condition.

Who is Dr. Pullman and Why Did He Develop This Program?

Dr. Kenneth Pullman is a medical expert who specializes in helping people with diabetes and those with a loved one who is diabetic.

The motivation for Dr. Pullman to develop his Diabetes Protocol program comes from his own personal situation. At the age of 13 he was diagnosed as having Type 2 diabetes and his father was also diabetic. In fact his father lost a leg through the disease, which meant it had to be amputated.

Kenneth Pullman was determined that he was not going to have the same experience as his father, and so he set out to find out whether there could ever be a cure for diabetes. He was one of the top ten percent of graduates from his class at medical school.It was his decision to develop the Diabetes Protocol program and to sell it for a very low price, particularly when compared to costs involved in the conventional treatment of diabetes.

Making a lot of money was never his main intention, so Dr. Pullman released this program at an easily affordable price. The protocol has been carefully designed to allow you to live a full life while taking control of your diabetes and what can be achieved by the Diabetes Protocol program is actually priceless.

The Product

The Diabetes Protocol can be downloaded to a smart phone, a tablet or any computer. Access is instant and you can use a restricted part of the website that is only available after joining the program.

The main part of the program is an informative e-book which fully explains everything you need to know. In 138 pages it teaches you what the body does naturally and what you need to change in order to reverse diabetes.

In addition to this you get all the additional support and advice you may need through personal contact, so you can always get answers to your own questions.

Common concerns about diabetes are adequately covered by this program. The e-book explains things like the causes of diabetes, how to avoid the complications that arise from having diabetes, which organs in the body are involved and how these can be restored to function as they should.

You will quickly learn about some of our everyday habits that make us vulnerable to diabetes and how these can easily be changed to build up our resistance in a dramatic way.The Solution Therapy you get from The Diabetes Protocol program focuses on allowing your organs, particularly the kidneys, the liver and the pancreas, to reverse diabetes by getting them back into good working condition.

The exact method to follow will depend on your type of diabetes, but largely it relies on removing the toxins that cause liver damage.

The author has put a lot of effort into putting together a very valuable program that leads you through all the possible combinations and elements that will get your internal organs back into good shape.

[WARNING: if you are planning to buy diabetes protocol I highly advise to buy from OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF DIABETES PROTOCOL TO AVOID SCAMS]

Does The Diabetes Protocol program Work?

The program makes it very clear that there is no instant cure for diabetes and it is realistic about the possibility of it coming back. However, the author does provide you with all the knowledge you require and it is simply a matter of being persistent and having patience.

The program claims to make it possible for diabetes to be reversed in just 19 days, but it may not happen quite so quickly for everyone who follows it. The true value of the program is that, however long it may take, anyone with diabetes will benefit, simply by making some small changes to their daily habits.

You should be aware that there is some self-discipline needed if you are to follow the protocol. Some people might think that the protocol allows them to go on eating what they like every day, because when promoting his program Dr. Pullman does claim that to follow the protocol you don’t have to cut out soda drinks or food such as ice cream and French fries.

The truth is that it does actually restrict what you can eat. After some time will you be able to reintroduce some of your favorites, but only if you consume them in moderation.

It’s not difficult to follow the Diabetes Protocol program, but you do need to read everything and make an effort to follow all the advice.

There is no magical cure for diabetes, but you can control your diabetes by closely following the Diabetes Protocol program.


Dr. Pullman has actually developed an effective way to deal with diabetes, Type 1 or Type 2. The protocol will also help people without diabetes to improve their health and prevent the onset of diabetes.The Diabetes Protocol is therefore to be recommended, because it removes the need for insulin injections or pharmaceutical drugs. It’s tremendous value for money when you compare the price with what you would have to keep paying for insulin or medication for the rest of your life.

The Diabetes Protocol program may not be available for very much longer at $39.95, or even at all if the pharmaceutical industry were to put some pressure on having it taken down.

If, after reading this Diabetes Protocol program review, you are still unsure about whether it will help you or someone you know who is affected by diabetes, then you can be reassured that it comes with a full guarantee. You can ask for your money back if at any time within the first 60 days you are not satisfied with the value of this program.

[WARNING: if you are planning to buy diabetes protocol I highly advise to buy from OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF DIABETES PROTOCOL TO AVOID SCAMS]


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